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Californication Day 3: It's so... Universal

After stomping the whole day in the rain in LA, I was transported to Chatsworth by Carmen to spend the night with Ate Ems and husband Erick.
Ate Ems is an old friend. Our history went 10 years back or maybe more. Geez, I hate Math! We used to live together in one house when I was in college that time and she was fresh from college trying to build a career for herself as an Accountant. We had a lot of memories together... both happy and sad... and we surely miss each other.  My 3rd day in California was spent in Universal Studio. We did not waste time. As soon as we opened our eyes the following day we hit the shower... get dressed... and had breakfast at Chowking - my 3rd Pinoy meal. wink. Then... off to Universal Studio - armed with an "annual pass"! Ate Ems got me an annual pass hoping that I will be back again and use it. I wish!

There... we strolled down Wisteria Lane Checked out the ruins left by the War of the Worlds... Greeted some familiar faces... [grinned with the …


Sometimes, darkness can highlight something beautiful and ordinary in daylight.

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Not the Valentine-Kind-of-Guy

Happy Valentine's Day. What else should I say? It's just another ordinary day. Nothing significant except that I got Hubby a box of heart shape Dove chocolates. And last night, he got me 4 pieces of strawberries dipped in chocolates. Well, his daughter made it [I know] and he just asked a couple of pieces to give me. LOL Last year, I got him a card which I just picked out from the grocery. This year, I didn't have the time to do it so... I am just writing this letter... which I bet he will not be able to read anyway. hahaha. But what the heck! Who knows? Miracles happen all the time.

So here goes.
My Dearest Sweetest,

Happy 4th Valentine's Day.

This is the 4th Valentine's Day since we became "WE". Nothing extra ordinary and I am not really expecting that you are going to do anything special today. I know you are not into it. Or shall I say, you are not the "Valentine-Kind-of-Guy" that is why it's no big deal. hahaha But that's okay. I unders…


30,000 miles above New Jersey...
 simply breathtaking - literally!

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Californication Day 2: Stomping in the rain in LA

So I finally touched downand had my first taste of home. But my second day 2 in California was very special to me. It was special because it was the very first time that my cousin Bambi [as she is fondly called by people who really are closed to her] and I went out together after more than 10 years. Yes, it was that long. And for the span of 10 years we rarely communicate too. I so miss her because we practically grew up together. To say that she is the sister I never had is an understatement... because deep in my heart - she is indeed my baby sister. Anyway, we set out early that day and it was kinda hectic too. Bambi did not waste one single minute to show me her adopted city of Angels - even if it was a rainy and foggy and gloomy day. First stop - the Cathedral of the Our Lady of the Angels at W. Temple Street, where world re-known  Filipino Artist, Lea Salonga said "I do" to Robert Chien on the 20th of January in 2004.
Next stop was down the street - The Walt Disney Conc…

The Mommy Whisperer

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.
My cousin called me the other day asking me what is the best formula for babies. I don't know why but of all people, she was asking “ME”! Why me? I am not a mother. I didn’t even have the chance to give birth. And I am not even qualified to prescribe baby formula. I am not a pediatrician.
But then, I think she trusts me more than her pediatrician. I believe she will even feed her baby "latte" if I told her so. [LOL] Just kidding! It’s not as if I would do that. Of course I love her baby too. She is the apple-of-my-eye. And I love little Alyson to pieces.
Well, since she has confidence in me, the only thing I could do is to google it and - viola!  I found this cool website called, where you can find all baby and mommy products - from diaper to maternity clothes… from baby formula to mommy vitamins and nutritional snacks… from “green” baby to “sale” for mommy.
So I told my…

Self Portrait

Today's Photo Friday Challenge is entitled... Self-Portrait. I could have taken a photo of myself in a more creative way but I got the email notice last night so I didn't feel very creative anymore. I was already wasted. LOL
So to keep up with the challenge... I am just reposting these photos of me... through the years.

Ooooops! I over-did it. LOL. But then, if you notice... there are some years missing. And that is a dead give away to reveal how old I really am. Have a wonderful weekends, friends.

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This is how...

Here in my world... when it is winter time
and when it is ice-fishing season...
This is how - we go around the lake. This is how we carry our stuff to the frozen lake. This is how we catch fish.
This is how we cook our meal.
This is how we chill our drink.
And this is how we keep warm.
It is cool in my world... literally and figuratively. So stay warm friends.

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