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A Yummy Healthy Meal

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Mission Foods. All opinions are 100% mine.
Since I started my Biggest Loser Weekend Challenge in my other blog, I started exercising and eating healthy. Wink* Seriously, I am more conscious now with the kind of food I buy in the grocery and with what I cook for our meals. Well, I still have not reached the ideal weight I was dreaming of for valid reasons. One is because I am not exercising enough. LOL.
Well, in terms food, which is the biggest challenge for me, I was able to learn how to prepare healthy meals. Because of that I also learned to appreciate tortillas. That is why Mission Flour Tortillas is always on top of my grocery list because it is not just easy and very convenient to prepare, it is healthy too. The versatility of Mission Flour tortillas and its freshly-baked taste make my meal always a wonderful experience.
My favorite healthy meal is tofu strips fried in olive oil...

topped with saut├ęd chopped button mushrooms and oni…

My Maine, My Vacationland

I did my routine blog check for comments today and I got so excited when I read a comment from CaraBee. I was told that she wanted to feature my blog on BlogTrotting, [a virtual travel blog dedicated to traveling to new blogs around the world] this week. And for a blogger like me, it is indeed a great privilege and opportunity to be able to be recognized and featured in other bloggers’ blog. So here you go… fellow blog-trotterswelcome to my Maine!
But before I let you in to the most kept-secret of Maine… I have a confession to make. I am not really a Mainer! I am from the Philippines and just moved here in Maine three years ago. I came here in 2007 to marry the “love of my life”. And in the span of three years,  I was acculturated to anything and everything  Maine. So if you are hoping that you will learn about the history and culture of Maine... then you will be disappointed. If you are looking for demographic data and statistics about Maine and it's people... you are in the …

Totally Hardcore

I have another confession to make. Oh well, you better get used to me making confessions because I have lots of them. LOL
We went again to Byron, Maine and went camping and gold panning last weekend. Yes, we found a few tiny and microscopic pieces of the precious metal but not enough to make Hubby happy.
But that is not my confession. My confession is... I went camping for "real"!

You see, during the first year that I went camping... it was more of a hotel camping. I was so still afraid of going out of my comfort zone. I was afraid of using a different kind of bathroom [you know what I mean] and can't imagine myself sleeping on hard bumpy cold ground. So every time we planned to go camping we packed all our camping stuff in the back of the truck but checked-in... in a hotel.

The second year that we went camping... Hubby finally convinced me to go camping... in a campground and sleep in a tent. It was not that easy though but I agreed because the campground has good amenities…

For a Better Future

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ashworth College. All opinions are 100% mine.

Before coming here in the US, I was well equipped in terms of education and experience. Well, so I thought. Surprise… surprise… my education and experience are not enough so I needed to take another course of study to be able to join the work force.
I had a hard time looking and finding for jobs because the degree that I have doesn’t fit most of the job offers that are in demand in the job market. It was indeed tough. I waited and waited for the job offer that fits my educational background and experience but to no avail. So the only solution left is to go to school again. But being new in the country and without any means of transportation, I was devastated. Good thing I learned about online study so I took an Online degree, and was able to do take a new course in the convenience of my home.
So, if you are also thinking of an Online degree, and still having some doubts about it… consider t…

Yes, Virginia... there is gold in the river!

So I whine about gold panning.

I rant about the bugs in the woods.

And I hum about almost everything about camping.

So why do I go anyway? Why do I go up the mountain almost every other weekends?

Because there is indeed gold in the river!