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A place called [safer] home

Our home is a safe place on earth.

It is not just a place where we live but a place where “love” lives. It is not just a place where we go to and rest after a long hard day but a place where we always look forward to be with our loved ones. And it is not simply a place but a respite that will always have happy and unforgettable memories.

Our home is a safe place on the planet, both figuratively and literally.

There is no safer place like home, figuratively speaking. But to make it literally possible, it’s time for adt home security to protect our homes. And that, I believe is a place called [safer] home.

Why Does God Make Moms... keep it to yourself

If you have noticed by now, I have not really posted any descent article as I used to. Yes, I have an alibi. I was busy. Oh, screw that! I am running out of ideas... for real! Work is taking the toll on me and I am more into paid posts to earn few dollars for additional income.

But until now, I still can't think of anything good to write but my friend handed me out a piece of paper giving me a warning not to laugh so loud... and I thought of sharing it with you with the same warning... DON'T LAUGH TOO LOUD AND KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!

Answers given by 2nd Grade school children to the following questions:

1. She's the only one who knows where the scotch tape is.
2. Mostly to clean the house.
3. To help us out of there when we were getting born.

1. He used dirt, just like for the rest of us.
2. Magic plus super powers and a lot of stirring.
3. God made my mom just the same like he made me. He just used bigger parts.


Bye Bye Good Old Boots

Spring is just around the corner but the lakes and ponds are still frozen. This is a good news to Hubby who has still a couple of weeks to enjoy ice-fishing. He just so love it. He only hates it when icy water gets into his old boots. I wouldn’t blame him.

Finally I was able to convince him to get rid of that old boots when I showed him website where he can find high quality boots. And good thing they are now on sale too. He got himself a pair of Muck Boots Woody Max Cold Condition Hunting Boots which he can also use during Hunting Season.

Now, it’s bye-bye good old boots… and hello Mucks

Dancing in the Right Tune

My nieces dream to be ballet dancers when they grow up. It could be in their genes since their uncle, their mother’s half-brother is a premier ballet dancer in the Philippines. They love ballet since they both started walking in tip-toes. Now that they are little older, my sister-in-law enrolled them in a ballet school. They just love it.

I enjoyed watching ballet myself that is why I am very supportive of their dream. And just recently, I got them new Ballet Slippers from offers high quality dance outfits online from bodywear to legwear to footwear.

So if you are into dance and looking for quality dance outfits, check out Capezio and you will surely be dancing in the right tune.

A life-changing Advice

Nobody is perfect and it’s a long time cliché that nobody disputes. But then, everybody wants to look their best and be confident . It’s human nature. And if you have issues it is not a crime to do something to enhance or improve yourself through cosmetic surgery. But if you have doubts or questions regarding cosmetic surgery, there is a special place where you can find the right answers… at MYA!

MYA’s Cosmetic Surgery Advice is one of the online services they provide that can help you make that important decision in your life. Let’s face it, making that decision is hard and having people who know what you are going through will make that decision easier.

So what are you waiting for? Check out now and find the answers to all your life-changing questions.

Thinking about Window Shutters?

Hubby has been working hard lately doing sidings despite the bitter weather. And since I am also working now, it has become a routine for us to talk about how our day was over supper.

Last night as we enjoyed our pork and beans supper, he was talking about the exterior shutters that he installed on the house he is currently working on.

He usually gets the shutters online from and they are delivered or shipped free right at the work site because he has no time to go to the store to get them.

Larson Shutter Company offers affordable premium quality shutters. So if you are thinking of renovating your own home… think about Larson.