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Get Your Business on the Right Track

I know it and you know it… there is an endless debate about economic crises and the whole 9 yards of related issues on financial problems, credit, loans and what not. The economic issue will certainly haunt the whole world for quite a while for sure considering the global financial situation. “You are not alone”… this phrase wouldn’t give you a peace of mind either nor solve your financial problem. But knowing that we can get solutions to our problem might help a bit especially for those struggling business owners.

Knowing that there are certain entities that can provide help and assistance to get us back on our feet is a big assurance that things will be alright. Knowing that there is an institution that could provide a system that can accept credit cards by phone and online so that we could start or manage our own business would certainly help a lot to get us back on the right track. And knowing that this comes with special features like, FREE PC-Based Virtual Terminal, 2.09% + $0.25…

Hubby and His Annoying Practices

I had another sleepless night in Maine. Hubby wasn’t able to sleep last night because something was bugging him. We already slept late last night because we watched TV till midnight. I was already snoring the night away for a few minutes when he woke me up. Yes, he woke me up. And yes, it was not the first time he did that. He wakes me up every time he can’t sleep. He wakes me up when something is bothering him. He wakes me up when he can’t wait till morning to tell me things no matter how simple or unimportant they are.

Oh well, Hubby has his ways of doing certain things that really annoy me. And somehow, I am beginning to accept those annoying things as part of what he is. Do I have a choice? No! So why bother whining about it when I know that those annoying things are just the counterpart of some of the annoying things that I myself possess too. Oh yes, Hubby has his counter-attacks every time I would point those annoying things out to him. And he has a point too, that I had to admi…

Do Yourself a Favor: Make Yourself Amazing

Aside from chocolates… cosmetic surgery is also one of the best things that ever happened in this planet. Any woman even the most beautiful wishes that she is more beautiful that she already is. Any woman even the perfect one finds flaws in her perfect body. And any [average] woman like me would want to have a Fairy Godmother to make a wish for a “make-over” especially in this era where cosmetic surgery is just like getting a manicure.

It’s a girl thing. Men may not understand it. And some women may don’t either. But in the average… most women… if they have the chance… the resources… and the guts to change one or two imperfections in their body… they would do it. They would do it because they know it will give them not only satisfaction but self-confidence and happiness that no man could ever give them.

Good thing… with MYA these things are possible. Why MYA? Because MYA has 25 years of experience in cosmetic surgery. They have the best cosmetic surgeons who have done hundreds of proced…

My Priceless Christmas Gifts

I just started work last December 22nd and obviously, I am not yet entitled to a Christmas bonus. I haven’t even received any salary just yet. The only earnings I got are from my header designing, business card making and a few freelance writings. And with my decent earnings from them, I was able to get my family cheap gifts for Christmas.

I am good at doing digital scrapbooking so I used my talent on making something for Christmas. I did some scrappy thingy for my family this Christmas as my present. They maybe cheap considering the money I spent on them but with the time and effort I put on each gift, they are certainly priceless.

I made some digital scrapbook photos for each one of them and ordered some mugs and have photos printed on them. Oh they so love their personalized mugs. At least I would know whose dirty cup is in the sink and they can wash their own cups this time. LOL.

I also made special DVD movies of all the photos I had on file for each one of them. I have wanted to sav…

Gourmet Chocolates… Anyone?

I have not found anybody on this planet who doesn’t like chocolates. Who wouldn’t want chocolate? Even those people who are body conscious admit that they have cravings for chocolates. People who are allergic to it are also tempted to get their hands on it and would happily endure pain just to have a taste of it. And there would be people who would certainly kill for it. I would!

Chocolate is the most amazing thing ever invented. LOL. I will be so happy to have my share anytime even the most simplest and ordinary of its kind. But if you are talking about gourmet chocolates I will certainly drool and go gaga over them. And if you are talking most specifically about Gertrude Hawk Chocolates, I will certainly worship you. Trust me. Chocolate from Gertrude Hawk is the most heavenly of all chocolates on this planet.

Gertrude Hawk offers the most amazing varieties of chocolates and candies for all occasions. They have lots of stocks of gourmet goodies that are ideal as gifts for people you lo…

Priceless Reaction

This is indeed a week late post. I’m so sorry about that but as you may all know by now I have a huge posts backlog all across my 9 blogs. No, I'm not in a blogging coma. It’s still about the car accident issue of course. It’s only now that I gather enough guts, time, effort and mood to write again. And since I have a new job, my blogging has to take the backseat for now too so that added to my valid reasons for not blogging. But I am not totally worried because as I have said before, writing is my passion and will always be.

This is a week late post about Christmas. I have not written anything about Christmas Day because the accident happened before Christmas. It was indeed a sad moment for us. But I am grateful that we were ok and were able to celebrate Christmas just the same.

And so last Christmas we opened our gifts just like anybody else in this planet. The kids were very happy to receive their wish lists though they were not as many as last year. Of course, Brandon was the mo…

I so love Hue

One of the best things I love about winter season is the fashion. I love winter clothing because I love scarves, gloves, boots and leggings. I love dressing up in layers with nice coats and sweaters. And I love pairing them with matching scarf and hat.

I just so love winter fashion. Leggings in all styles and colors are a-must for me during this season. I cannot go out without wearing leggings. I wear leggings as undergarments for pants especially during those freezing cold days. I wear leggings with my favorite boots and my sexy mini skirt. I even wear just leggings or comfy socks and my hubby’s old, big and worn-out shirt as my lounge clothes during those lazy cold snowy days.

And since I love leggings, there is no other place I would get my special leggings but from is the only place I could get the best deal… the best style… the best quality leggings that fit my budget… my taste… and my life-style. Good thing that has an amazing stock of legwear, intimate …

The Day I Thought I will Miss Christmas

I am still not in the mood for blogging! My mind is still not functioning well the way it used to. And I am not so psyched up to do anything just yet.

A couple of week’s back I had so many ideas in mind to discuss on my posts across my 9 blogs. I know I have a lot of backlog on my posts due to a lot of things but I never worry about it because I know too that I can easily spring back up without a problem. But something came up that obstructed my mind frame and I am so bummed out. I am still in shocked due to the recent mishaps that happened to me and my hubby.

I know I owe everyone [at least you my loyal friends who kept coming here and checking on me and my blog] an explanation for my long absence from blogosphere. I'm really sorry for not delivering the goods well on time [whatever that means]. As a serious blogger I know I have an obligation to my passion and my audience.

Of course I have an alibi… a valid one. I had an almost fatal car accident! I almost missed Christmas this yea…

Get Yourself a Good Night Sleep

I have been losing sleep lately. I wrote something about it too last week because it was indeed a big deal for me. Losing good night sleep is bad for the health. It makes one grumpy or irritable. It makes one weak. And it can make one unwell both physically and emotionally.

There are lots of factors that contribute to sleepless nights. It could be the weather. It could be emotional problems. It could almost be everything. And most importantly, it could also be the bed. You see if you are sleeping on a very uncomfortable bed, it surely makes a big difference.

That is why it is wise to invest on comfortable bed that can surely give that most sought-after good night sleep. So what are you waiting for? If you are not comfortable with your bed and if you are having sleepless nights why not get yourself a comfortable bed? Why not check out and check out their divan beds? offers all the latest and hottest styles of beds with unbeatable price that gives you a re…

Out-of-Stock Rice

It supposed to snow today. It is reported that we will have an ice storm tonight. And it is expected that we will have power outages all over the state by tomorrow. But I still have to do errand before it happens.

I went up to my friend’s house this morning and brought some Christmas gift wrappers and scotch tape. I had my special Christmas present for Hubby up there so I have to wrap it before he would find out about it. I also went up to my friend’s house today to have a little chit-chat. But unlike my previous visits, we didn’t feast on Pinoy food this time. For a change... we did not eat rice today. She ran out of jasmine rice so she didn’t cook any rice at all. Apparently, the Asian Stores in Portland are out-of-stock of jasmine rice so we need to deal with Chinese take-outs if we really need to have our rice diet.

I only stayed at my friend’s house till before noontime. The snow started to fall while I was wrapping the present. And I drove in the snow going back home. It was my fi…

For Man’s Best Friends Only

Dogs are no longer considered as man’s best friend. They are already considered as member of the family. They are treated like children by couples who are not ready to raise real kids. They are well taken care of and are provided with basic needs just like human beings.

Having dogs is a great responsibility. It’s like raising real kids too… literally. Have you heard about “dog-sitter”? Well, that is the thing of the present. And yes, there is such thing as… dog boarding… dog camp… and dog spa. Now you don’t have to worry if your neighbor or spouse feed your dog when you are away or where you will bring your dog when you have to travel half around the world on business trip because there is a place where your dog can have fun in a safe and dog-friendly upscale environment. A special place where they are pampered, groomed, trained or maybe having a slumber party while mommy is out of town.

But if you don’t own a dog and thinking of a good business… check out and learn ab…

I got shot

I finally got my flu shot today, so I’m all set now for the winter season. I cannot afford to get sick so I have to get vaccinated by Inactivated Influenza Vaccine to protect me from the Influenza Virus that is common during this season. Well, I assume that you all know what I am talking about. My arm where I was pinched is a little sore right now but other than that I’m doing ok.

I also got a flu shot scheduled for Brandon next week. More than anybody else in this household, that kid needs one. This vaccine is very important to children. Read here for more information about the vaccince. Usually the school requires their students to get vaccinated due to obvious reasons. Last year, Brandon had already been vaccinated before they announced that all students should be vaccinated so Brandon got an “A” for that and I got a tap on my shoulder for that too.

My only problem now is Hubby. Of all people he is the most stubborn and hard-headed when it comes to medicine. He didn’t get a flu shot …

Your Business is Their Business

To keep up with the current economic situation, starting your own business no matter how small could be a good way to survive the crisis. But starting your own business is not easy if you don’t have the resources to start with. You will need financial assistance to be able to get the capital to get started.

So if you starting a business you might want to check for fast business loans and get started. Merchant Advisors have 20 years of experience serving merchants. They provide quick loan approval with hassle-free paper works and less stringent requirements. And more importantly, it is better than traditional bank loan because there is no closing cost or fees.

With Merchant Advisors, your business is their business.

One Unbeatable Deal

Getting the right auto insurance is as tricky as getting the right vehicle. It is as challenging as choosing the right vehicle that caters to one’s lifestyle or work. It is also a difficult decision to make especially in this struggling economy. Auto insurance is a necessity as the vehicle itself. There is no way that you would drive a car or a truck or a van without insurance. There is no way you will be able to go around without the security of knowing that your vehicle is insured. And there is no way you will drive safely without the “peace of mind” that you get from insured vehicle.

Getting auto insurance nowadays is easy as ABCs. You can get it in a snap online. And there are lots of auto insurance websites that you can find online. But finding the best auto insurance company is as tricky too. One Auto Insurance that can give the best deal and an excellent customer service is Autonet Insurance Group, which is a leading reputable insurance company that provides high quality insuran…

Say it with Nails

… I mean it literally!

What do you expect? I am a woman… so do the math. Hahahaha.

I am a woman to the max. And when I say to the max - I mean it just that. I love all things beautiful. I love to tease my Hubby with fancy things that I put on myself like make-up, perfume, sweet scented body lotion and yes… well manicured finger and toe nails. He finds them sexy. *wink*

When I was still in the Philippines the Beauty Parlor was my regular weekend destination for my regular beauty spa. I frequented the saloons for my regular beauty treatment. And I practically live in a spa on weekends having whatever treatment I have not yet tried in their list. It was indeed very liberating.

When I came here in the US, I have been to a Beauty Parlor twice just to get a hair cut. I can’t afford to do what I was doing in the Philippines because it isn’t practical anymore. But I will never sacrifice my well-manicured nails so I do my own nails now. And good thing I found OPI nail polish from…

Heritage Web Solutions: Your Best Business Partner

If you are a blogger, whether you are a newbie or a veteran, you want your blog to be unique. You would do everything to give your website a personal touch that represents your taste or personality. And if you have the resources you would explore all possibilities to come up with the most extra-ordinary blog in the face of blogosphere.

If you are a business owner, whether you are a small company or a big corporation, you know that a company website is essential to your business to achieve your business goal. You know that having a website does not only help you promote your business but it is a viable tool to reach your costumers and clients to sell a product or service. And if you have a website, you want your website to represent your company’s vision to attain its full potential in the competitive marketplace and gain profit.

If you are into any business today, no matter how big or small, you do know how important a website is to create a more competitive and credible establishment t…

Freaking Yummy Food

I noticed that I’ve been blogging about health and health issues lately. I became aware that most of my posts are also about food and its health benefits. I also realize that I turned out to be too conscious about my health because I do feel something not right with my systems due to frequent constipation, headache, tummy and back pains.

Oh well, I also know the causes though like too much time spent in front of the computer, lack of exercise and eating unhealthy food. Yes, I am aware of that that is why I took time out to go see my doctor this morning. And I was very honest with her. Then, she gave me this flyer so that I will be aware of all the simple things that we always overlook at can be harmful to our health and worse, can cause cancer. So I am sharing it with you, just the same.

The top five cancer-causing foods are:

1. Hot dogs. Because they are high in nitrates, the Cancer Prevention Coalition advises that children eat no more than 12 hot dogs a month. If you can't live wi…

Start the Year Right Looking at a Brighter Future

Are you still thinking of alternative resources to supplement your income? Are you thinking of a business that would really help you make both ends meet? Are you thinking of a way to survive this economic crunch? Then here is a good option to help you start a small business that will surely give you a financial boost in this ailing economy… dropship.

Yes housewives, there is such thing as dropship. And dropshipping or “on-demand customer fulfillment” which is a supply chain method is an attractive online business that you WAHW might want to try in this time of financial crisis. And right now, they are having holiday promotion to customers to save up to 25% off on their regular prices. But you better be hurry because this promo is only up to December 31, 2008.

So what are you waiting for? Check out now and find out what business opportunity waiting for you so you can start the New Year looking at a brighter future.

Don't Give the "Other" Woman a Chance

I had my yearly general physical check-up today. Actually, the appointment is both for me and Hubby. But Brandon came home sick last night from his Grammy’s and he was throwing up all night so we brought him with us too for check up. Hubby sacrificed his appointment with our Health Care provider for Brandon whose child well care is scheduled by January next year. Hubby’s appointment is moved to January too.

I had my general physical check-up today and it was indeed physical, quite literally. I got a Pap smear and breast check-up and boy, it was really painful. It was my 3rd Pap smear already and I kinda know what to expect because I’ve done it a couple of times before. But still, I felt kinda awkward and uncomfortable with it. With the breast check-up, it was my very first time so I was caught off guard. I never realized how painful it was. The doctor kneaded my breast so hard like kneading bread dough, it was so throbbing. She said it was a good sign because if I don’t feel anything, …

Alternative Source of Income

More people are feeling the pain of economic crunch now than ever before. That is why in this time of crisis, a lot of people are considering alternative resources to keep their homes and save for the rainy days. And one of the best options for alternative resources is franchising.

Franchising as a business or an alternative source of income is a potential option for people who do not just want to make both ends meet. It is also a possible business opportunity for those who want to have a more secured future. With, a nationwide network of consultants that have hundreds of years of franchise and business experience, people who are either looking for an alternative source of income or a potential business venture can get the best franchise advise for FREE from one of their well experienced consultants or a franchise broker. They can help them find the right franchise that matches them. Or if they already have a specific business in mind like putting up a dry cleaning …

The Art of Window Shopping

Today, I so declare that I am happy. I am happy because for the first time in two years, I finally have a taste of freedom. Hahahaha. I am happy because I went window shopping today… alone… without someone complaining why I have to check things out when I am not intending to buy it… without someone bitching about that it is just a waste of time… without someone asking every 30 seconds – are you not done yet?... in other words without Hubby in tow. Hmmmmp!

I don’t know about other people, but I am already happy with window shopping. It’s therapeutic for me. I find joy in just checking out the items and comparing prices. I find joy in knowing which stores are having sale and discounts and promos. I find joy in just being in the store and immerse myself into the abyss of commercialism.

Window shopping is tricky. It is a devil in disguise. It is always a challenge. And it can be also be emotional. The trick is to psyche yourself up before you go to the store. Convince yourself that you a…

President Bush Solved My Friend’s Problem

My Pinay friend asked me to go shopping with her the other day. She has not passed her driving test yet so she needs a ride to go down the store. She needs to go to look for grandfather clocks because she needs to replace the one that his father-in-law has in his living room because her 3 year old daughter accidentally broke it when she was playing with her new “Dora The Explorer” pink ball. We went to the Mall and tried to look for something similar to the one her daughter broke but to no avail. We just ended up in a Chinese Buffet Restaurant nearby and feasted on chow mein. LOL

Then I remembered that I had this Grandfather Clocks Blog saved on my “favorites” and came across this post entitled, "Grandfather Clock in background, President Calls to Congratulates President-Elect Obama". The picture of Pres. Bush with the grandfather clock in the background is the same as his FIL’s. So we browsed and found, an amazing website that offers huge stocks of clocks i…

Making sense out of Common Rants and Endless Whines

Here I go again… digging old e-mails to make some sense out of my habitual rants and whines blogs. Apparently, I have noticed that most of my posts here are common rants and endless whines about this and that. And that is the main reason why I succumb to blogging coma lately.

I found this list of “brain damaging habits” that I think is really very simple yet realistic and sensible things that are contributing factors to having poor health. Simple things that I always don't care much about and often over-looked due to bad decisions.


1. No Breakfast. People who do not take breakfast are going to have a lower blood sugar level. This leads to an insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain causing brain degeneration.

2. Overeating. It causes hardening of the brain arteries, leading to a decrease in
mental power.

3. Smoking. It causes multiple brain shrinkage and may lead to Alzheimer disease.

4. High Sugar consumption. Too much sugar will interrupt the absorption of pr…

Fun and Educational Toys

Brandon has been telling everyone what he likes for Christmas. He has been giving us some hints of what he wants for Christmas. And has been revealing his wish list to everyone he knows even in school. Apparently, he likes to have all the toys he sees on TV commercials. Oh well, what do you expect from kids?

I have already bought a few presents online. But when it comes for toys, I am kinda fussy especially for Brandon. Considering that he is a special kid, I want to give him something that will help him develop some skills. I want a toy that is not just fun to play with but educational as well. Good thing his teacher told me to check out, an online toy store where they offer huge stocks of cool and fun toys for kids of all ages. She told me that she got some magnet most popular toys for her own kids for Christmas too.

So I checked it out and I got Brandon the MagNext iCoaster toy at very reasonable price. The iCoaster is a build-your-own magnetic rollercoaster complete w…

Blogging Coma

I’m not in the mood to do anything today. My dirty dishes are sitting comfortably on the sink… still dirty. It’s a normal thing to me, so don’t worry I will manage pretty good, thank you. Lol. This is just one of those moments when my mind is too numbed to think of anything. It could be the weather. It was 17 degrees this morning. It could be the day of the week. It’s Friday and I just love to take things easy… kick back… and relax. It could be the exhaustion from blogging too. I am having a yet another blogging coma.

Blogging coma is a sickness that all bloggers suffer from when you are overloaded with information from browsing and blog hopping. It is a disorder that is common among bloggers whose life’s support system is based on cyber arena. It is a virtual disease plaguing bloggers who are online seeking and finding satisfaction from blogosphere. It is highly contagious too like virus. Good for the computers because they can have antivirus software to keep it running. Too bad, ther…

A New Antivirus Software

Being online all the time blogging… blog hopping… browsing… online shopping… and downloading whatever fascinates me are but normal day-to-day activities for me. I have developed a special relationship with my PC and this led to endless explorations. And just like any normal relationship ours is not exempted from the ups and downs brought by factors beyond our control. I am talking about virus.

You don’t have to be a computer savvy to know about computer virus. It is as common as common colds in human beings. It is the common colds in the virtual world and highly contagious too. It could be fatal too in a sense where the computer can crash under any given circumstances. That is why anyone who has a computer needs Antivirus Software to get the PC protected from destructive viruses plaguing the cyberspace. Antivirus Software is considered as the PC’s vaccine. It is very important for the computer so that it will keep running.

I’m glad I found, an innovative Antivirus soft…

Feel At Home

Finding a real estate broker is indeed hard especially in this time when economy is down. Finding reliable real estate company is equally hard if not depressing when you are selling your home especially in this time of economic crisis. Whichever the case, there is always a solution somewhere.

If you are selling or buying a home, finding a real estate company through is easy as ABCs. With you can find the solution to your problem about "home" because it is the industry’s most innovative full service Austin Real Estate broker. They have the most experienced and knowledgeable Austin TX Real Estate experts who can provide you with aerial photographs, slide shows and virtual tours for thousands of homes, condominiums and properties in their listings. And best aspect of is their costumer service which will give you a good insight on your decision making process in buying or selling your homes. With you are truly at home.

Of Sleeping and Waking up Early

I have been losing sleep lately. I wish I could tell that it’s only me. But Hubby and I are into TV marathon lately watching all those forensic-slash-crime-slash-murder-slash-suspense-slash-police files TV shows all nights. We already have our regular TV schedules and we kinda hooked because most of these shows are really addictive.

I have been losing sleep lately and I know that is not a good thing but I can’t complain because I need to get up early to prepare breakfast for Hubby. Likewise, Hubby needs to wake up early too to go to work. As I do my regular morning routine after everyone left, I checked my e-mail again and found this e-mail sent by another friend or a concerned relative… [sorry, I forgot who sent it, I told you I been losing sleep lately]. And his or her e-mail is very timely.

Reasons for sleeping and waking up early

Evening at 9 - 11pm: is the time for eliminating unnecessary/toxic chemicals (detoxification) from the antibody system (lymph nodes). This time duration sho…

Celebrate a Magical Christmas

We are thinking of Florida for a Christmas Vacation this year. We are thinking of a particular and most specific place in Florida for a grand Christmas Vacation this year. We were thinking of Orlando, Florida for a grand Disney Christmas Vacation since last year. The only problem is that money is tight.

But still we are thinking of this Disney Vacation because we know that Brandon will be happy to see Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofey and all those Disney characters that he watches on TV all the time. We think that he will be excited to see them in person and have photos taken with them. We are sure he will enjoy watching the parade, fireworks, Castle Dream Lights and all those festivities that Disney World is very famous for. And he will surely love to try all those rides and attractions at Magic Kingdom. And of course, Hubby and I will surely enjoy it too because we are both still young at hearts.

Well, this year, though money is tight, we are going because we were able to get Disney …

Shopping Galore Mishap

I was trying to buy my Christmas presents online a few minutes ago. I already placed special order of my choice gifts for my family and friends and was about to check out when I was prompted… your paypal account is not sufficient to pay your bill. Oooops!

I have been in a shopping galore mood in the past couple of weeks. Guess I had to adapt a new saying... Once a shopaholic always a shopaholic. I got the hang of online shopping for some special products and from some special online stores because the products are cheaper and shipping is free. I already received the first order a couple of days back and I am now awaiting my second order and shipment. But this supposedly online purchase that I was making a few minutes ago was a disaster because apparently I over-spent the last time I shopped.

Oh well, that is what shopping is all about. Whether you are shopping like a normal person in a normal store or you are shopping like a virtual person in an online store… you are bound to experie…

The Bribe that saved my day

Hubby came home late the other night.

It was already passed 8 in the evening and I haven’t eaten any supper yet. I always wait for Hubby during suppertime so that we can eat together and talk about how our day was. Apparently, we lost track of time and didn’t realize that it was passed suppertime. He was still at his friend’s house where he was working on some housing renovation and just hanging out with some guys. I called him on the phone and knowing that he was in big trouble he said that he was already opening his truck’s door and about to go home.

I was still in the computer when I heard him drove into the driveway. When he opened the door he defensively said… “Mark got some lobsters for you”, and he was grinning because he knows I love lobsters. I didn’t say anything but to put the lobster in the refrigerator. I was thinking of grilling them.

This morning he called me over the phone to say that he is coming home and asked what did I prepare for him for lunch. I said “lobster sandwi…

Coolest Gift Card

Thinking of the coolest gift for your special someone this Christmas? Think about Visa gift cards from Yes, this is the coolest gift I found online so far. Get your special someone a Customized Visa Gift card where you can upload their own pictures that will show how important they are to you.
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