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thinking of a new career

I always love fashion. Who doesn’t? Almost all women [and some men] I know are into fashion. And I am a woman… to the max… I really love fashion. And to prove it, I designed some of the clothes I wear. I don’t only mix and match but I recycle old clothes to make new ones. That is why I enjoy watching Runway Project. I love how those fashion designers come up with unique fashion style and ideas.

A career in fashion design was what I always wanted to take had I not been a bit confused in the past. When I took up college fashion designing was not popular and not considered as a career. But now, Fashion Designing is one of the most popular and significant career for people who wanted to express their creative talent. And good thing there are lots Fashion Schools that can cater to that important career decision.

At your dream of becoming a fashion designer is just a click away. The website has lots of important topic like fashion schools – where you can find all the list …

A wife’s present disposition

I’m still not done with my lay-outing/designing/customizing/re-installing/and-what-not mood. If you have noticed, that is if you are one of my frequent visitors [I know I have many… hahahaha… because my PR increased again, yehey, thanks my friends] I have a new page outlook again… and this is the Nth time I changed it. I almost lost the content of this page a few days back and I freaked out like hell. I also lost my PR2 when I bought this blog its own domain and that caused some problem with my Advertisers. And to top it all the other blogs I made for my brother suffered the same fate. So I went crazy googling for solutions here and there. And the result is – 8 new templates for 8 blogs that I am currently managing (and 5 more to come). Thanks a bunch for the FREE Blogger Templates. They’re awesome… easy to install… and user-friendly.

Anyways, after I posted my latest rant about my faulty “operating system Husband 1.0” a week back, the “system” needs some scanni…

Technical Support to Operate… our Husbands

Last night Hubby and I had a little LQ over a TV show and a back-scratching-com-rubbing errand that I used to do while we are watching TV. You see it has become his habit to ask me scratch and rub his back while watching TV. And yes, I ask him the same thing too. Why not, we have a saying… scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours, right? But last night he was complaining that his back hurts because he worked all day on the roof and he asked me to rub his back. I said no. Then, towards the middle of the TV program, my back itched and I asked him to scratch my back and he said no too. So I decided to sleep in the other bedroom last night. But he kept bugging me 3 times and asking me to move back to our bedroom because he said he can’t sleep without me by his side. I was surprised, because he would sometimes bitch about my snoring. He said it’s too loud he cannot sleep despite the fact that he too snores like hell [and I had it on video to prove my point].

Anyway, I didn’t want to rub his …

my driving skill sucks

I am still not feeling well. After my major disaster at DMV, I am taking things easy for now. I am still not happy about the whole road test thingy. After all the pressure I put up with my driving practice, I still flunked my first road test. And I definitely am not taking everything with a shrug. After all I do need my driver’s license. So, I’m back to my driving practice in our drive way.

Contrary to what people say… parallel parking is not the worse test I have to deal with. I passed that test with flying colors. The drill sergeant [a.k.a DMV driving instructor/officer] was impressed with my parallel parking. I did a great job with that. But apparently, that is not all there is to driving. I need my backing ability… my speed control… my over-the-shoulder rear view… and what not.

I am totally pissed… at me, that is. How could I have been too confident? How could I have been too complacent? How could I have been so stupid! Oh well, those scrappy thingy in life is inevitable so I got to…

Hubby's Baby is back!

After 6 months of painful separation and cruel longing, Hubby’s baby is back. I saw in his eyes how happy he is once again. I saw in his eyes the same glow that used to be there. I saw in his eyes the same old affection that he used to have for his baby.

For 6 long months I know how much he missed his baby. I know how much he missed washing her body. I know how much he missed filling her up. I know how much she drives him crazy. And even if he found a new baby to replace her... he was still thinking about her.

Now they are back in each other’s arms. They are back to where they both belong – to each other. They are a handsome couple again. Soon they will be travelling together again... hunting together again… creating special memories together again… while I take the back seat.

I cannot be jealous. They have been together before me. Their relationship has passed the test of time. They have gone through a lot of good and bad times. I cannot be jealous of Sierra because as a wife… I have to…

What a (s)CRAP!

Excuse me for saying this but… I am thinking of taking my scrapbooking to the next level. Or maybe, make a career out of it. Oh, that’s a crap. Of course, I was only joking. But that could be a possibility, right? Why not, I know a lot of people doing it and making it big? But I don’t think I am one of them. I am a “strike-while-the-iron-is-hot” kinda person. And whilst my scrapping disposition is still very much sizzling I might as well strike back and hard.

Here is the thing… I cannot use this blog to share my work here because this is not a scrapbooking blog. So I came up with a scrappy thingy blog where I could post them which happens to be at my friend Vienna's Blogxi. I may not be that good but I am really proud of my new found hobby. And those are reminders that somehow I made myself productive despite of being a stay-at-home wife. Or probably, if I will finally get employed again [hopefully soon], they will remind me that there is one thing I could always do again to divert…

Dieting… the next level

It’s really frustrating. I have been running-jogging-walking for over 4 months now and my weight is still the same. Well, I did lose 15 pounds during the first month but I gained them back after our grand vacation in Canada. And even if I went back running-jogging-walking again my weight is still the same. Maybe I really need to make a drastic decision now. I was thinking of taking my dieting to the next level.

Yes, I am thinking what you are thinking. I am thinking of taking the pill. But what pill? With so many diet pills in the market to choose from, it’s equally frustrating to decide which one to take, which one is effective or which one has no side effects. But the good news is that, has the answers to all those nagging thoughts that we dieters have. has taken the big step to help dieters in their quest for healthy living and safe dieting. They reviewed over 200 diet pills in the market and ranked them according to their 12-point criter…

scrapbooking newbie

Just like some of the stay-at-home wives/moms and bloggers that I know, I also dipped my hands into digital scrapbooking just recently. Yep, that is now the trend I guess because almost all my friends here in the blogosphere have tried scrapbooking and some of them are really into it that they are making big bucks out of designing headers and logos using digital scrapbooking techniques.

Having visited lots of scrapbooking websites and blog sites I have realized… why not? Why should I not try it myself too? So, here are few of my first creations using Scrapbook Fair.
Hubby and Brandon with the 250 lbs. 14-pointer buck last hunting season.
My two beautiful nieces, Jade and Lara.

Jade and LaraMy Nephew...Toby, the Pogi

Well, I cannot promise that I will have a Scrapbooking Saturday because that will really require more of my precious time. I just want to do this on my free time [as if I really have one] or during those times that I need to divert from blogging because if I will not do that,…