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In a couple of weeks or so, summer will be soon over. In a few more weeks I will reorganize again our closet, keep our summer clothes and bring out those totes that contained our fall sweaters and jackets. But despite the fact that the days seem to be shorter now, [another indication that summer will really be over soon] I know there are still a lot of time for me to enjoy summer activities like - mowing the lawn.

No, I don’t actually and literally mow the lawn. In this household, it's a guy’s job. With 5 acres of property, it will take me more than a whole day to finish the job. I just love the sound of the mower and the smell of a newly mowed lawn. When it is summer in Maine, the mowers are busy running the lawn left and right. And for now, I will just enjoy the sound, the sight and the scent until the plow takes over.

word for word

Hubby was watching news last night about some Chinese Nationals in Maine who are teaching Chinese language to Mainers. As usual, he asked me why I won’t do that. Why would I? There is no requirement for Filipino language (Tagalog) tutors around here. [Trust me, I looked already.] Why would there be? There are only few Mainers who actually know where the Philippines is. There are not a lot of Mainers who think that Tagalog will be useful to them. And there are only a handful of Mainers who actually need to learn the language like those who are married to Filipinos (Pinoys) and/or their own kids. But with my own observation among Pinoys here in the US, that is not much of a problem.

Teaching Tagalog to American kids or husbands alike is easy because, Pinoy mothers/wives will always mumble Tagalog words every now and then when they are talking to their kids/hubbies especially if they are giving them a hard time. Trust me, when Pinoy mothers are having a problem with their kids/husbands th…

my fast and furious weekend

Hubby and I went to see his friend David raced car. This is actually the second time that we watched him raced. The first one was last year. It was also the first time I was introduced to car racing. I was then not so excited because what do I know about car racing? I didn’t even own a car myself. And I think, car racing is all about guys, so to speak. So I didn’t really care much except for the food and drinks.

An hour earlier: I drove down Gray (about 30 miles and 40 minutes drive from our place) to meet Brandon’s biological mom for their weekend get-together. After the usual cliché, I went to gas up and headed straight up the Turnpike and drove all the way to Scarborough at 70 mph with the crazy rushing traffic that really scared me out of my wits. Well, I did make it to the Beech Ridge Motor Speedway few minutes before the first car race and was able to squeeze into the long queue of car races fans getting something to munch and gnaw while going crazy over the cars circling the ova…