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like kids in a candy store

My one and only Filipina friend here in Maine called me a couple of days back and asked me if I want to go with her to the city. Well, what do you think I will say… "of course, at long last I will be able to leave the house and have a social life". This is one of the rare indulgences of being a stay-at-home wife… to be able to leave the house… on her own… off-the-hook… care-free… having fun… and spending dear hubby’s income.

So, Medy (my Filipina friend) picked me up around 9 AM and off we droved down to the “crazy town”… [that’s what Medy’s little girl, Maya calls Portland].

Oh well, when you are in a foreign land and miss the company of another person of the same race, culture, taste, language and orientation… where do you think you will go? Of course, Asian Store! Yup, we went Asian Store hopping yesterday and went crazy over those Pinoy products that we miss so much. We were like little kids in a candy store going “gaga” over the bagoong… toyo… Mama Sita mixes… Mang Tom…

raked up over blueberries

Last Sunday we went blueberry picking again. It’s summertime and summer means blueberry season. Hubby found this secret place tucked behind the thick woods along the ATV/snowmobile trail down the dirt road by the brook.

It was the second time we picked blueberries. The first time was just a test run, so to speak. Hubby has a certain obsession with blueberry rake. When he accidentally found that secret blueberry field he searched online for blueberry rake and bought right that very minute a rake about 4 inches in size for $42 (including handling and shipment). I was freaking out. He was worse than a “kid” in a candy store… or worse than me in a “shoes” store. OH... men!

And while he was waiting for the rake to come in the mail, he bought some materials from Home Depot and made himself a blueberry rake out of wood. I know! I know! I know exactly what you are thinking. I was thinking… “What the heck? You shouldn’t have bought that $42 rake anymore since you can make it yourself.” Oh well,…

The Wedding at the Lighthouse: Looking Back... and Ahead

After more than a year of working on my special project... I still have not finished it until now... sort of. Ok, here's the thing, I wanted to come up with a nice presentation of my wedding pictures and tried everything from scapbooking to powerpoint and still I have not come up with one single finished product. Then, as I was browsing on Vienna's other blog Digitally Designed, I came across with this cool website Smilebox that makes cool digital projects for your pictures like scrapbooking, slideshows, e-card photo albums and others. And you can even send it by e-mail, print or download it to your blog. Ain't that cool or what?

There are hundreds of things to do here and highly recommended for artsy and crafty guys like me. And one thing I love about it... it's free to download. But of course, if you like to have more freedom and choices to use for your projects you can upgrade your account for a minimal fee. [Note: I am not paid to Advertise Smilebox, I just want to …

a weekend with Steamer

We had a big storm yesterday that caused Route 114 to close down due to the fallen trees and electrical cable wires. But today is a very nice day. You know that kind of day after a storm, when the sky is still gloomy? Well, the over-all ambience is not that too blissful either. Brandon, Nana and Grandpa left early for their scheduled trip to the animal farm. And staying and bumming at home is not an ideal weekend activity. So, Hubby and I decided to check out the 43rd Clam Festival at Yarmouth.
Steamer, the Clam with the "hot" fightfighters of Yarmouth.
Big Wheels
The amazing Fire Truck of Yarmouth.
Waiting for the Parade at the 43rd Yarmouth Clam Festival.

Well, as expected I had my usual “fried dough and lemonade” and Hubby had “fried clams”. I’m not too crazy about clams but I’m crazy to see Steamer, the Clam. And just like any fair, it’s crowded and parking space is expensive too. We checked a lot of craft booths but didn’t buy anything. Had a few pictures of the event and we…

Lovers in Paradise [The long over-due honeymoon in Canada: The Next Level]

We reached the US-Canada Border at Milltown Avenue, St. Stephen, New Brunswick a quarter passed eight that foggy Monday morning of July 7th. It was the exact date of our wedding anniversary. It did not take us long to cross the St. Croix Bridge that connects Maine U.S.A. and New Brunswick, Canada. The queue going to Canada was much shorter than that of the opposite lane going to US mainland. I immediately brought out our passports for inspection to the guy at the toll gate and we were ordered to proceed to the Immigration office at the right side of the road for further processing and questioning. Everything went alright and off we went to the next leg of our journey to Nova Scotia. And from there we took Route 1 all the way to Moncton after a couple of stops to use the restroom, ask directions and eat lunch. From Moncton we merged traffic to Route 2 to reach Amherst, Nova Scotia.
Nova Scotia-New Brunswick boundery.
From there we travelled another 3 hours (more or less) of seemingly en…

The long over-due honeymoon in Canada: Part I

Finally, we had our long over-due honeymoon in Canada last weekend. It was a long extended weekend of fun, enjoyable and relaxing rare moment with Hubby. Yes, after one year of being married to each other, we finally had our [official] honeymoon at Nova Scotia, Canada.

Well, Hubby is a busy guy. He hardly had break from work. So, after our wedding at the lighthouse last 7th of July last year (2007), he went back to work the following day because he needed to. I was not complaining though. We already talked about it. We both wanted something really memorable for our honeymoon so we just decided to forego the “practice” for a later date to give way to our priorities.

And so, we left home Saturday (5th of July) late afternoon to begin our 600+ miles, 10 hours drive journey across the border. We didn’t go straight to our honeymoon venue because our reservation was not until Monday (7th of July) so instead we spent a night at Bangor (one of the biggest Cities of Maine about 200 miles from th…

one year and we'll be counting

We did it. We made it. We passed it. A year of monotonously tedious ups and downs… a year of ostensibly constant struggle… a year of seemingly endless adjustment… a year of cyclically countless kisses and make ups… we are still standing strong – forgiving and forgetting each other’s shortcomings… accepting and recognizing each other’s flaws… tolerant and patient with each other’s imperfections.

And just like any normal married couple... here we are… after all the woozy marital roller coaster ride we did pass the test of time with flying colors. Here we are… after all the “I-give-up” and the “I-can’t-do-it-no-more” and the “that’s-it-I'm-done”, we still didn’t let go and kept holding on. Here we are... after all the innumerable hurts and pains we caused each other due to our own shallowness and pride, our love for each other remains stronger.

And so here we are. After all, we still have what it takes to be a couple... a couple with so much reasons to celebrate... a couple with so mu…

fireworks in my imagination

Just like last year, Hubby was too tired to drive down town where the fireworks display will be held for the 4th of July celebration. This is my second 4th of July and still I can’t say or write much about the celebration because I didn’t have the chance to celebrate it, literally. Other than the cook-out and loads of barbequed sausages, chicken wings and veggies that we had earlier, my 4th of July, so far, is just a celebration to binge and gorge on food. I wasn’t able to feel the spirit of patriotism which I was really expecting because Hubby is not really a forth-of-July-kind of guy.

Well, Hubby hates the crowd. That is one thing that really spoils the fun. Every celebration we have here in the US, we only watch them on TV. He hates the traffic too. And that is another thing that messes up with the plan. Every important affair we have here in the US, we only read them on papers. As of this writing, Mainers are all in the field [at this very moment] watching the most awaited firework…

MAINe Confusion

We are planning to go on a long drive next week. And while next week is still a week ahead, I have to live on the present which is today. Sadly, today is not the best day as usual. Here in Maine, confusion in season is a common thing. The changing of season is so quick giving Mother Nature not enough time to prepare herself for the change. That is why, it is still snowing during the first couple of weeks in spring… it is raining during the first couple of weeks in summer… nights are hot and humid during the first couple of weeks in fall… and leaves are still falling even it is almost Christmas time.